Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh Yes it's 80's night!

This fall we joined an Ultimate Frisbee league. We actually have done it for quite a while now, 4 or 5 years. The first season that the boys played I (Ali) just happened to come across the league in a City or Reno events mailer that was sent out. We had played at youth group in the past and thought it sounded like fun so the boys got a team together and signed up,  Ted, Michael and some other friends. We were all surprised by the organization of the other teams, they had plays, jerseys and they were good. This wasn't just a casual half hour game before bible study, this was serious. Fortunately, we had a lot of athleticism and youth on our side (well most of us, Michael and I are the oldest on the team) and we did pretty well. The boys slowly started allowing the girls to play with them and here we are back to the present. 
Last week was the last game of the season and since it was Halloween that week all the teams decided to dress up. Our team decided to do a theme and we chose "80's workout" and this is how it turned out...
Rockin the Spandex

Shanel, Liz (hiding a little) Suzie, and Peter looking intimidating
Kyle and Michael showing off 
working the 80's style
Team shot
We had a great time!  Our team ended up coming in 3rd, which we were a little disappointed with but that's ok.  We did have the best outfits!

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jose said...

Seriously, do you just have gold lamme spandex lying around?